73.6V 14Ah 1030.4Wh 20S4P Battery for i2/x2/SE/Genny



73.6V 14Ah 1030.4Wh 20S4P Battery for i2/x2/SE/Genny


This battery was developed together with our partner for over 3 years and tested thoroughly (BMS) and kidneys (cells) over thousands of kilometers. It is manufactured industrially in a factory that specializes in the production of batteries and therefore has various certificates (UN 38.3 & MSDS certified incl. CE). This enables commercial trade and also transport by ship, plane and vehicle.

We also offer a 2-year guarantee and a long life expectancy!

High-quality components are installed such as: the brand cells from LG (no risk of fire!)

Depending on the driver, driving behavior and vehicle type, including taking the terrain into account, a range of 100km or more is achievable.

The batteries survived a one-year test phase with flying colors. We can therefore proudly announce that this battery works perfectly and exceeds all expectations.

For dealer inquiries or orders over 10 pieces, please contact us directly at: order@ebatgo.ch

Note: 2 pieces are required per vehicle.

Availability: Available from stock (If no stock available, 3-4 week delivery time).Due to the many inquiries we are currently receiving, delivery bottlenecks and longer waiting times cannot be ruled out.

Shipping: Please note that orders outside Switzerland may incur customs fees, import sales taxes and/or VAT. (Experience values ​​for expected additional costs: Delivery to Germany: +710.00 euros per pair.)Of course, self-collections are not excluded and are welcome at any time. Shipping fees are 150 CHF per pair.

What is the UN 38.3 test?

From a legal perspective, lithium batteries from 100 Wh belong to dangerous goods class 9. Their transport is therefore similarly regulated as that of other dangerous substances, such as liquid nitrogen. The so-called UN 38.3 test ensures that lithium batteries and cells can be shipped safely. The test is therefore intended to simulate the conditions to which lithium batteries are exposed during transport. These include, for example:

  • Pressure
  • Bruises
  • Impact
  • Hight differences
  • Temperature fluctuations

The UN 38.3 test must always be carried out several times. How many test specimens are required in a specific case always depends on the weight and type of batteries to be tested. The test includes 8 different individual tests – the so-called test modules T.1 to T.8. If there is no report that the UN 38.3 test has been successfully passed, freight forwarders can, for example, refuse to transport the relevant product because the dangerous goods can no longer be transported safely.

The 8 individual test include:

  • Altitude simulation
  • Thermal test
  • Vibration
  • Shock
  • External short exclusion
  • Impact effect
  • Overload test
  • Forced rapid discharge


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